Runner/Walker Registration Information

Pre-Registration is due back by Feb. 4, 2020 to PAHS or CHS. Pre-Registrators are guareented a T-Shirt on the day of the race.

Please download the correct form at the bottom of the page and return it to the proper school.


Same day registration can be done at the day of the race. Participants who register the day of the race will not be guaranteed a race shirt and cost will increase to $30.00.


Follow us on twitter @VBLoveRun for updates and reminders

Volunteer Information

Below is a list of volunteer positions and shift times that are needed for the race:


Traffic Control (ADULTS): 8:30-11:00AM


Water Stations: 8:30-11:00AM


We need volunteers to please fill out a registration form and return it to the proper school by Feb. 4, 2020.

Volunteering is free, but if you would like a T-Shirt, a minimum donation of $25.00 is needed. Thank you in advance!


It does not matter which link you click below for signing up to the race. Simply sign up for the school that is closest to you in case we need to get you your race shirt or medal after the race. Thank you for registering!!


Cox High School Registration   Princess Anne High School Registration

Pre-Registration Sign up due 2/6!